Karang Gayam Heads for World Cup

karang-gayam.jpgKarang Gayam Surabaya won the final game of Danone Nation Cup Indonesia last 13 May 2007 after defeating Emsyk Jayapura 4-1 through penalty shoot out. Karang Gayam Surabaya dominated the game through long passing game, taking advantage of the height of their forward players. On the other side, Emsyk Jayapura tried to beat the tactical game with short passing and marvelous individual skill.
Danone Nation Cup World Cup Final will be held in Lyon, France, 29 June 2007. Indonesia has followed the tournament since 2003. last year, Indonesia was on the fourth place after Reunion Island, Switzerland, and Argentina. In 2005, Indonesia’s striker, Irvin Museng was nominated as top scorer with his 12 goals in the tournament and Indonesia was nominated as the best attacking team with 20 goals, although only ranked 11th on the tournament.
Hopefully, this year, Indonesia will keep last year achievement or even better, as the champion of Danone Nation Cup 2007. It will be a good wake-up call for the senior team toward the Asia Cup 2007 in Jakarta next July 2007.


~ by indonesianfootball on May 15, 2007.

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