Indonesia U-23: No Winning Spirit

soccer.jpg The U-23 Indonesia team has just finished their a full month training in Argentina. The team is trained for the upcoming SEA Games in Thailand, next December 2007. The team held some matches with local junior teams. Unfortunately, they won no match in seven games held during training period. Four matches were ended in draw and Indonesia lost other three. They played draw against Boca Junior U-21 team (1-1), CEFAR U-23 team (2-2), Etudiantes U-21 team (1-1), and Argentina U-20 team (1-1). Indonesia team lost matches against CEFAR (1-5), Lujan (3-4), and Quilmes U-21 (0-1).Many people and football analysts in Indonesia who watched their friendly games on TV said that there were significant improvement on team tactics and determination. The last match indicated improvements on their determination, especially Argentina U-20 is the winner of recent Youth World Cup.

Personally I think a draw game is just a symbol of teamwork, not a winning spirit. Four out of seven opponents are junior teams of local clubs in Argentina. Their ages and match experiences are certainly below Indonesia U-23 players, especially to experienced players such as Atep, Eka Ramdani, and Ricardo Salampesy. Some Indonesia U-23 players are even part of the first team of their clubs in Indonesia League. The league is certainly at the higher level compare to competition for junior team.

I am certain that they actually could win some games against these junior teams, but they just did not work harder to gain a victory. Perhaps Kolev should call another U-23 players such as Bobby Satria and Sucipto who played well for their teams recently. Their presence will certainly improve the defense and midfield of the team.

One thing for certain, SEA Games is just two months away…. If the team could not win the game they could not win the gold medal. No gold medal, no contract extension for Mr. Ivan Kolev…..


~ by indonesianfootball on October 24, 2007.

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