FiVe HiGhEsT cAps

seragam-pssi.jpgIndonesia football has a long history even back to the era of Dutch occupation in Indonesia. Indonesia Football Association is the oldest sport association in Indonesia. It was founded in 1930. Throughout the year, thousands of football players has dedicated their capabilities for the team in many international events. I have gathered data on Indonesia football players with highest caps. I divided the data into three main categories: Legends, Active Players, and National Teams.

For the last fifty years, here are legends of Indonesia football players with highest caps:
1. Robby Darwis : 53 caps; 6 goals; played between 1987 and 1997
2. Edi Harto : 53 caps; 0 goal; played between 1988 and 1993
3. Judo Hadianto : 53 caps; 0 goals; played between 1962 and 1974
4. Widodo C. Putro : 52 caps; 15 goals; played between 1991 and 1999
5. Purwono: 44 caps; 0 goal; played between 1983 and 1988

I Salute You All…. Thank you for your dedication to the redkurniawan2.jpg and white

ACTIVE PLAYERS. Here are active Indonesian football players who are not part of recent national team, but still playing at clubs, with highest caps:
1. Kurniawan Dwi Julianto: 60 caps; 33 goals
2. Bima Sakti Tukiman: 58 caps; 12 goals
3. Hendro Kartiko: 57 caps
4. Agung Setyabudi: 51 caps; 1 goal

5. Nuralim: 49 caps

Here are Indonesia football players in recent national team with highest caps so far:
1. Bambang Pamungkas : 48 caps; 19 goals
2. Ismed Sofyan : 44 caps; 2 goals
3. Ponaryo Astaman: 42 caps; 2 goals
4. Ellie Aiboy: 35 caps; 7 goals
5. Budi Sudarsono: 34 goals; 6 goals


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