World Cup 2014: Stage for Indonesia

trofi.jpgBased on the 2010 World Cup qualifying round in Asia, Indonesia will meet Suriah on the second round before challenging one of the top eleven teams in Asia. Hopes and support for Indonesia team to play better and qualify to the third round are rising now in the country. Everyone knows that this country, ranked 125 in FIFA standing October 2007, still have along journey to be at the biggest event of football in the world, but let us figure out on chances for Indonesia team to be at the World Cup 2014. We will start with the existing team of U-16 and U-19.

2007: Indonesia U-16 team should qualify to the next AFC U-16 round in 2008. Indonesia U-19 is likely hopeless to compete in AFC U-19 qualifying round in Vietnam, since they will have to face Australia and South Korea in group elimination stage. South Korea has just “warmed up” as the host of U-17 World Cup. I am sure some of their U-17 players are part of the U-19 team.

2008: U-16 team should qualify to the quarter final stage I suppose. Based on the match between Indonesia and Japan in Jakarta, Indonesia only lost 1-2 against top level team in Asia. It means the team actually has quality to compete in the U-16 level. However, I am not sure Indonesia will qualify to the FIFA U-17 in 2009.

2009: Indonesia U-19 should qualify group elimination stage for the AFC U-19 level

2010: Indonesia U-23 started the first and second qualifying stages of 2012 London Olympic Games. The team should qualify to the AFC final group stages. Indonesia U-23 team should also qualify to the quarter final of Asian Games in China. On the other side, Indonesia U-19 should reach the Semi Final of AFC U-19 final qualification. It is the only way to win a ticket of FIFA U-20 games in 2011.

2011: Indonesia U-20 will face difficulties to pass the group elimination round in FIFA U-20. However, it will be a good experience for U-20 team. Some of them may be part of U-23 team for AFC final group stage for Olympic Games. So, the Indonesia U-23 team should win a ticket to 2012 Olympic Games in London and win gold medal of SEA Games in JAKARTA…. Quotting Nurdin Halid…. ‘INI KANDANG KITA’ (This is our homebase). Senior team will start the 1st and 2nd qualifying stage of 2014 WORLD CUP. I am sure the senior team will win both qualification stages.

2012: Indonesia U-23 may face difficulties to pass the group elimination round in Olympic Games. However, it will be a good experience for the team, since some players of U-23 will be part of senior team for 2014 WORLD CUP group stages. Indonesia should be at least group’s runner-up to be on the final round.

2013: Indonesia team should reach the semi final. If the team is defeated in semi final, they still have a chance to win the last World Cup ticket by elimination matches against a Europe team. So… hope for the best…..

Suddenly my friend surprised me by saying “Wake up maan… your chairman (of the Indonesia Football Association) is still in jail… He refused FIFA’s order to resign from his position… If FIFA issues a penalty to Indonesia, your prediction is useless….”

What a tragic condition for a country with abundant talent of football players…….


~ by indonesianfootball on November 2, 2007.

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