Thank You Mr. Kolev

kolev.jpgIt was a sunny summer in China when you led twenty two Indonesian players for Asia Cup 2004. After two non-successful appearances in 1996 and 2000, you gave the first victory match for Indonesia in Asia Cup tournament by defeating Qatar 2-1. Phillipe Trousier was fired by the Qatar Football Association after the game. It was a phenomenal moment for us. Unfortunately, the Association did not extend your contract. You left our country and headed for Myanmar after the tournament with a good heritage of how to play modern collective football game. Myanmar was lucky to have a coach like you. You built their national team into a strong football team just within three years time.

Mr. Kolev, suddenly our association contracted you once again as coach of Indonesia team after series of defeat in region tournaments and 2006 world cup qualifying series. Your first job was to build strong team for Asia Cup 2007 in Jakarta, while the primary target was to win gold medal in SEA Games 2007. You introduced us modern rapid attacking gameplay in a 4-3-3 strategy. You astonished us in the stadium during Asia Cup 2007 when we beat Bahrain 2-1. Unfortunately we lost 1-2 against Saudi and 0-1 against South Korea. Well, Mr. Kolev, you may got credit for building a good team in less than a year but a defeat means a defeat. It is that simple.

After four months break, Indonesia failed to qualify for the next qualifying round of 2010 World Cup. We were defeated by Suriah 1-11. We also failed to qualify group stage of SEA Games 2007. We were defeated by Thailand 1-2. It was actually a reminder that they are still the king in south east Asia region.

Mr. Kolev, in an interview with ESPNStar, you said that the Football Association did not work hard enough to support the team. You received opponent’s video recording just one day before the game against Syria. You said that it is too late. Why? Syria team had spoken to the media in Indonesia about their strategy to fight against your fast running forward players, three days before the game.

You also criticized clubs in Indonesia, as worst clubs you had ever encountered. A club without training ground is not a club, you said. Some clubs in Jakarta and Makasar, with good quality and well paid players, even do not have adequate training grounds until now. How can players train when the club has no training grounds? Management of clubs and regional administrators prefer to spend thousands of dollars for foreign players rather than building a small training ground for youth players.

Mr. Kolev, I guess our corrupted Football Association and clubs have paralyzed your 4-3-3 strategy first, before players entered the field. I do not know whether the Association will keep you as the Head Coach of our team or not after the last defeat in SEA Games. I am sure you have learned a lot about our clubs and association after being here for around four years. If these fools decided to terminate your contract, I wish you to have good journey and better team to coach in the future. Thank you Mr. Kolev.


~ by indonesianfootball on December 7, 2007.

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