Indonesia U-16 to Uruguay

Football Association of Indonesia will send 25 players of Indonesia U-16 team to Uruguay as early as February 2008 to take part in local U-16 competition between March and November 2008. They will spend around four years in Uruguay as part of Association’s plan to build talented football players within the next four years. All selected players have passed the national selection round in December 2007 after they passed the city level selection round in November 2007.

Unfortunately, the Association forbid these players to take part in AFC U-16 round, next October 2008. Speakers of the association said that, the U-16 competition in Uruguay is still on going, and Indonesia players should focus on the competition, not the tournament. The association will select new U-16 team for the AFC U-16 tournament. Another strange thing is on the status of players when the program is completed. All clubs were forced to change status of their players as players of the association. This is strange, what if a foreign club wish to  hire Indonesian player? Where did the transfer money go to? To the association? This regulation also break FIFA regulation on status of a football player  where a player should belong to club not association. (*)


~ by indonesianfootball on January 7, 2008.

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