Raja and Irfan Will Coach Malaysia?

Series of succesfull matches with Persipura have brought positive image of these Malaysian coach in Indonesia. Raja Isa and Irfan Bakti saw ‘a tumbling giant’ when they arrived in Jayapura early 2007. Gifted by skillful young talents and senior players, Persipura could not play as a team in their matches at the start of Indonesia League. Now, everyone is amazed on what has Persipura achieves this season. The team is the runner up of Copa Indonesia. Strong Team like Persija Jakarta has even learned valuable lesson in Semi Final Copa Indonesia about collective plays until the last minute from the team called “Uncut Diamond of The East”.

The last couple matches of Persipura against Deltras Sidoarjo and Persik Kediri have also shown how a team should play against cheated referees and unreliable Football Association. They scored 4 goals against Deltras and another 4 goals against Persik to seal their ticket for Final Matches in Jakarta. They held no strike and brutal play throughout this season. This season is not yet finished, but they have received offers from major clubs in Indonesia such as PSM Makasar and Persija for the 2008 season.

I personally believe, it is the time for them to take a step higher. Indonesia will send no team to the 2008 AFC Champions League, due to poor management of Indonesia Football Association. I do not see any reason they should coach another team in here unless for a higher salary. One thing for certain Malaysia National Football Team has no Head Coach since last July 2007. Malaysia Football Association sacked Noorizan Bakar after humiliated defeats in AFC Asia Cup last July 2007. I believe they have the quality to heal another ‘tumbling giant’ since Malaysia will face tough teams in 2011 Asia Cup Qualification round.

So, Irfan and Raja, what will you choose? Malaysia or Indonesia?


~ by indonesianfootball on January 20, 2008.

One Response to “Raja and Irfan Will Coach Malaysia?”

  1. Kalo emang niat awal mereka mengadu nasib di Indonesia, tentu mereka tidak akan se gegabah itu untuk langsung pergi dari Indonesia, hehehe (setengah memaksakan pemikiran pribadi).

    Do You Know that Raja Isa use Indonesian Anthem on His HandPhone?


    Hehehe, it is just an opinion based on professional atmosphere and mistakes made by most Indonesian clubs. They only contracted players and coaches for a year. So, when their contracts run out, they are free to find other clubs offering higher salaries. If they want higher salaries, why do not they apply to work as the coach of national team? I could not find any coach in Indonesia being paid higher than a billion rupiah for a year…

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