Marquee Player

Indonesia Premier League introduces marquee player system to promote the League. Marquee player is known as “guest player”, usually ageing star players, contracted by sponsor and play in the League for a short duration of time. The marquee player system has been implemented in US Major League Soccer and A-League Australia. There is no expectation that these star players will stay on beyond the initial terms of contract. However, it might be a good way to road-test an ageing superstar to see if they have managed to retain enough of their touch to be worth signing longer term.

In practice, marquee players can be divided in to two groups: high profile overseas players and big name local players returning home to give something back to the local game before retirement. Generally, the overseas marquee star players are attacking midfielders or strikers while the local marquees are selected across the full range of positions including some quality defenders. A-League Australia contracted Dwight Yorke, Scott Gemmil, Juninho, Romario, Mario Jardel, and other ageing star players as marquee players for the last three years.

Indonesia Premier League Consortium also implements similar way to promote the League. Some ageing star players like Roy Makaay or Asian players like Nakata, Endo, and Nakamura, are also planned to play as marquee players in IPL. So far, we are still waiting on which star players that will be marquee players for IPL in January 2011. *

~ by indonesianfootball on December 12, 2010.

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