The conflict between Indonesia Super League (ISL) and Indonesia Premier League (IPL), has urged Indonesian rising star Irfan Bachdim to make a decision on the future of his career.

Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) has declared IPL as illegal competition, while Irfan Bachdim is playing for Persema, the new registered team on IPL. PSSI has announced that clubs, players, officials, and match commissioners who supported the IPL will get penalties and ban from the PSSI. Bachdim has decided that his future is with Persema Malang and he is not worried that he may lose his place in the national team. He considers his decision as the right one since Persema Malang is the only club offering him contract after he tried his luck in Indonesia since early 2010. He understands his club decision to join the IPL in order to maintain financial stability and he is also eager to experience a new atmosphere in Indonesian football as presented in IPL.(*)

~ by indonesianfootball on January 6, 2011.

3 Responses to “BACHDIM JOIN IPL”

  1. lpi is the best

  2. irfan bachdim maju terus ya, ttp smngat n good luck

  3. thanks for the updates. i live in indonesia and want to get into the football world here but my bahasa isn’t so good. keep up the good work.

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